CPU 100 – CPU 100P

  • Conformity to UNI EN81-1/2 and EN81-20/50 reference standards.
  • System capacity up to 32 stops with universal, down/full collective, or fl oor registration manoeuvre.
  • Multiplex function up to 4 lifts with serial interfacing of boards through RS485 cables.
  • Single low DC voltage electric supply +10% / -15% with 12Vdc integrated battery charger.
  • Flexible use for MRL systems thanks to its reduced size: (CPU100P: 240x130mm – CPU100: 280x110mm).
  • Confi gurable universal fi rmware for hydraulic or electric lifts with any type of manoeuvre.
  • Firmware updating capability through SD Memory Card insertable in a suitable board slot.
  • Remote maintenance via MODEM or GSM optional module connectable to the board through RS232 interface.
  • Data programming and lift diagnostic performable through clear menus and submenus visualized on board display, or via local or remote computer, or via APP on mobile-phone via Bluetooth module.
  • Alphanumeric dot matrix display for data visualizing and programming.
  • Programmable data visualizing language on the alphanumeric display.
  • Alarms history permanent storage of the 30 last fault events with extended description.
  • Integrated real time clock for date and time fi ling of each fault event in the alarms history storage.
  • Continues visualization on the alphanumeric display of cabin travel data and of main safeties line and car positioning sensors status,
  • High speed lifts management up to 3 reduced speeds for travels between close-up fl oors.
  • Car positioning management with 3 selectable modes:
    • Traditional magnet sensors
    • Pulse counting from incremental encoder on main motor shaft or on the speed governor pulley
    • Direct interfacing through RS485 or CAN-BUS (CPU100P only) to absolute encoder systems
  • Automatic detection of fl oors quotes and slowing down spaces required for every expected travel speed (only with car positioning mode selected on incremental or absolute encoder).
  • Connection of landing and cabin operator panels through separated serial lines with 4 unshielded wires.
  • Connection of landing and cabin operator panels through traditional parallel cabling (CPU100P only)

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