LCD landing indicator

  • Lcd model: indicator lcd available in blue or black background.
  • Fast Fixing: frontal mounting with frame or fl ush mounting on 1.2 and 2mm faceplates through soldered studs.
  • Screen: lens polycarbonate (shock-proof and anti-crash).
  • Colours: white LED on blue background or 5 diferent colours (navy blue, white, yellow, green and red) on black background.
  • Wiring: screws or pre-wired connectors (AMP or JST).
  • Common: positive or negative.
  • Power supply: 12/24Vdc +/- 10%.
  • Signals: fl oors, arrows, out of service.
  • Optional signals: sent alarm and overload signal.
  • Integrated and programmable three-tone chime.
  • Easy programming by a dedicated integrated keyboard.
  • 32 stops in binary code, 11 stops 1 wire for fl oor.
  • 64 stops in indipendent mode (magnetic sensors).
  • Up and down arrow (40,5mm).
  • Available in CAN and RS485 serial version.
  • Possibility to implement binary, inverted binary, BCD, Gray and 7 segments codes.

FRAME – Chrome / Gold / Anthracite.
OPTIONS – Vandal proof glass for the fl ush mounting version.

Icaro sfondo nero

Model with black background


Out of service
Overload signal (red)
Alarm sent signal (yellow)

ICARO_DPL_D11 (Parallel version)
ICARO_DSR_D11 (Serial version)


Small car emergency light
Power: 1 Watt

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