Visible area42x55mm95,5x53,5mm115,20x86,40mm154x86mm
Resolution240(RGB)x320 OWGA480(RGB)x272 OWGA320(RGB)x240 OWGA800(RGB)x480 OWGA
Pixel (mm)0.18x0.18mm0.198x0.198mm0,36x0,36mm0.19x0.11mm
Energy consumption100mA220mA220mA360mA
Power supply12/24Vdc12/24Vdc12/24Vdc12/24Vdc
Temperature range-20/+70°C-20/+70°C-20/+70°C-20/+70°C

High resolution display

  • High resolution display
  • Easy confi guration through software or PC.
  • Updating by SD-CARD
  • Customizable background, arrows, fl oors, logo and signaling
  • UNI EN 81-70
  • Customizable background with pictures and sounds (for car position indicators)
  • Energy saving system mode (stand-by)
  • Easy keypad for the selection of the main features (buzzer volume, communication interface, first floor, brightness, stand-by duration)
  • Integrated emergency light
  • Diagnostic of serial system
  • Collecting calls
  • Voice synthesizer: on board for IRIS7’’ and optional for IRIS 4.3
  • Communication interface: Vega serial, RS485, CAN, parallel and magnetic sensors
  • Mounting-protection case
  • Mounting: horizontal and vertical

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